Paternity Puzzle: Farmer is not the father of child.

November 27, 2015

The tension between a man and a woman surrounding the paternity of a three-year-old boy is finally over.

THE WEEKEND STAR in its Paternity Puzzle feature provided 43-year-old Jason Parram* and the child's mother, Sasha Martin*, 18, with the answer they have anxiously sought since the child came into the world. The feature, 'Farmer wants god-daughter's child to be his', was published on October 8.

another man

The pair had been featured in the competition after Parram was steadfast in his belief that he was the father of Martin's son, even though she insisted that the child was fathered by another man.

The results have been confirmed. According to the DNA parentage test report, Parram is excluded as the biological father of the child, based on DNA analysis. The report further stated that Parram lacks the genetic markers that must be contributed to the child by the true biological father. The probability of paternity is 0 per cent.

Simply put, Parram is not the father.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, and given the news, interestingly enough, Parram didn't seem in the least bit surprised.

"Mi nuh feel nuh way, because up to yesterday, the mother come here and we a talk. She a say even if a nuh mine, mi can keep him same way," he said. "Mi did done tell her say even if the youth a nuh my own, mi will take him and grow him."

an omen

Parram further explained that he experienced an omen of sorts, after having bought the child a ball. He recounted that in playing with the 3-year-old, the ball exploded after one kick. He took this as a sign of "bad vibes".

Our news team contacted the child's mother to inform her of the news. She bluntly said: "It nuh change nothing. Mi did done know that already."

Martin explained that her son is in Parram's care, and the two have agreed to continue raising the child in the same fashion. While not involved romantically, the pair seems to be desirous of maintaining a civil relationship for the sake of the child.

As it stands, the two are finally able to put the issue to rest.

*Names changed

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