My man takes good care of me


February 03, 2017

Dear Pastor

I am 21 years old and I am living with my boyfriend who is 40. I would say that he is the best thing since sliced bread and he knows that. He treats me well. I am in college, and without him I could not make it. He was born in the month of August and people say that August men are very jealous.

The only time we fuss is if he sees me talking to another man. Sometimes when we go out and I run into male school friends, he wants to know what we were talking about. I have never been tempted to cheat on him. My parents like him. I go to church, but he does not attend.

He has one daughter. We talked about marriage, but he is not ready and I am not ready. Some of my friends say that he is too old for me, but they can't understand how good this man is to me. Do you think he is too old for me, Pastor? I would like to know how you feel.


Dear L.S.

Put it this way, evidently, you and this man love each other, so it ought not to be anybody's business to determine whether or not you are too young for him. You know that you have to deal with his jealousy, so you must bear in mind that generally older men are very jealous of their women.

I wish you well in school. And if both of you are really in love with each other, I wish you every success as you plan to become this man's wife.


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