My US husband didn't file for me


February 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

My husband and I have been together since 2005. In 2008, we had a child together. Then he migrated to the United States in 2009.

He came back and we got married in 2010. After that time, he would visit every year up until 2014.

My husband was supposed to file for me and our son, along with his other two children, who are older than our son.

But after receiving his citizenship, things changed for the worse. I found out that this man was filing for his three kids and excluded me.

The kids are now in the US as of December 2016. But he is not supporting me.

What can I do or where can I go to get marital support from my husband? I have his social security number, the places he works, his address and telephone numbers.


Dear S.D.,

It seems to me that your marriage is pretty well dead. I hope that I am wrong. Why would your husband sponsor all his children but you were not included?

I hate to think that your husband doesn't want you around him. But that is how it appears to be.

You know where he lives and you have other relevant information about him. Therefore, I suggest that you consult a lawyer, preferably one who has knowledge about immigration laws, for help.

Please try to keep in touch with your children. Remember, it is much easier in America to secure a divorce, so do not procrastinate.

Consult a lawyer immediately and he or she will tell you whether or not you're entitled to receive spousal support and other things, if you are still married, or alimony if you are divorced.

I wish you well.


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