My twin sister hates my man


February 06, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a twin sister and the both of us have always lived happily together. We didn't have problems as sisters. We wear each other's clothes and do everything together.

We recently started having problems. We cannot see eye to eye as before because I have found a guy that my sister does not like. She curses him behind his back and calls him a fool.

He is short. I am taller than he is. He is always talking about his mother. She has a boyfriend, too, and I wanted to double date with her and her boyfriend, but he said that he was not interested in that.

My sister refused to go because her boyfriend said he was not interested. He can't understand that when we double date, we protect each other as sisters. That is how we grew up, and now he wants to spoil everything. He is only interested in going to church functions.

My sister and I used to go and look at plays together and have fun, and now he wants her to change to please him.

Don't you think my sister is wasting her time with this guy?


Dear T.M.

You did not say how old you are, but I wish to remind you that although you and your sister have been very close, perhaps the time has come for both of you to realise that if you have men in your lives, you will have to learn to go out as single couples from time to time. There are, of course, times when you would go together to certain functions, but not every man would want to see your twin sister around when he is taking out his lady. This should not be a big issue.

Evidently, your sister does not like your boyfriend. She is saying negative things about him, and she needs to learn to control her mouth. It is not her boyfriend, it is your boyfriend. So, tell her that you don't appreciate the things she says about him and that she needs to stop.


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