My crazy sister wants back her man


February 13, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 28 years old and I have a sister who is not well. People say she has an evil spirit on her. Sometimes she gets into arguments with everybody in the house, and she curses bad words. Even my mother she does not respect. She has loss a lot of weight. The doctor says that she is bipolar.

She has gone to many spiritual people for healing, but no healing has occurred. Sometimes she talks about wanting her man. The man she is talking about does not want anything to do with her. He used to visit her but he has given up now, especially since she is cursing bad words.

My sister heard that her boyfriend has another girlfriend. She went to the girlfriend's house, cursed and said that she is going to kill her.

People say that the neighbour placed the evil spirit on her and she will never get better. Her boyfriend took away the child that they had together. He is afraid that she may hurt the child. Nobody wants her around, but we don't know what to do with her.

Please tell us what to do.


Dear G.H.,

The only thing I could urge you to do is to pray for your sister, and in addition to praying for her, make sure that she goes to the doctor and make sure she follows the instructions of the doctor.

Those persons who believe that evil spirit is on her, or that somebody obeah her, are not helping her at all. What do they mean when they say that somebody has put evil spirit on her? If they love your sister, they should try to help her, and they are not to accuse others of condemning her.

If the doctor says that she is bipolar, then there are different ways of treating such condition. Bipolar disorder can be treated with medication and psychotherapy. That is why anyone suffering from this condition should follow the advice of their doctor.


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