My mother needs help desperately


February 18, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I'm 16 years old and will be sitting CSEC examinations this year. I witnessed the police arresting my mother. She was arrested because of my brother.

He only cares about himself. My mother bailed him in December. When it was time for him to appear in court, he didn't attend and my mother had to pay $40,000.

It is so unfair. My mother needs help and no one sees the need to help her. She is alone and no one cares for her.

My mom can't handle prison and, to me, the government is very unfair or the police are very wicked.

It hurts me so bad. She just needs a little help. If I had a job, I would have tried a get the money to care for my mother.

At this moment, I am feeling very angry and betrayed. I would really like the police to stop this act and leave my mother alone.

It's definitely not right. I love my mother very much and to see her going through all this hurts. Can you give me your advice? I really need it.


Dear MP,

You said that your mother is alone and needs help. But that begs the question: how was she able to stand bail for your brother? She must have received help from somewhere.

What I am asking is, where did she get $40,000? Why did your brother not show up in court? Evidently, he doesn't care about your mother.

If he did not feel guilty of the charge that was laid on him, he should have gone to court.

You are a young girl. Please do not chastise the police for carrying out their duties. We all know that from time to time the police do not follow the law, they take matters into their own hands.

But I see no reason for condemning them for doing what is right according to the law.

Please try your best to go to school and eventually get a good career so that you will be able to support your mother. I wish you well. You have my prayers.


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