My Confession: Pastor a big cheater

December 04, 2015


STAR, you said I could spill the beans about someone, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Me waa tell you wah mi pastor really a deal wid inna church and a gwaan like him a saint.

From me a likkle girl, me a go church and know this pastor man. In fact, me know him very well because him marry Joycie*, who is my cousin. Him have four pickney with Joycie and they just celebrated 25 years of marriage and do renewal of vows.

I always respected this man, even though me hear nuff church people a bash him, but me lose respect fi him when me see him with mi own two eyes a cheat pon him wife with mi other cousin, Keisha*, the same week him renew vows!

People in the community used to say that him and Keisha were long-time sweethearts, but Keisha did find man and run weh leave him, so that's why him marry the other cousin, Joycie.

One late night, I was coming from a nine night and me take a likkle shortcut, only fi see two people hitch up inna one dark corner a gwaan wid a bag a things. Me think a one a di young bwoy and giddy-head gyal from the community, but the voice dem did sound so familiar.

When me draw likkle nearer, nuh Pastor and Keisha and kiss up and feel up! Me couldn't believe mi eyes! Imagine these two big ole church people outa road a gwaan so. I was sooo shocked, disgusted and upset, all at once!

Mi just turn back and walk the longer way and do like me no see dem. Now everytime him get up fi a preach inna church, mi stomach sick.

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