Weird News


May 24, 2016

A psychologist asked her flatmate to strangle her while having sex - and she died. Juan Javier Jonathan Ruiz, 23, claims Tania Trinidad Paredes, 23, asked him to use a cable to slap her while they were having intercourse.

Paredes was found dead in Ruiz's house in Mexico City and he is being held by police. Ruiz also claims that the young girl had suggested he have a threesome with their friend Jose Luis Arzate Martinez. And he also claims that when he declined, she wanted to have a hardcore sex session using the cables as bondage. According to Metro newspaper, Ruiz said: "During the act, she asked me to squeeze her neck and slap her because she liked violent sex."

The cause of death was reportedly asphyxiation and she suffered broken neck bones. An investigation into the death of the girl is still under way.

A man got so drunk he managed to fall in a gap between a house and a pavement.

The middle-age man had to be rescued by firefighters after he lost his balance and fell into the 40cm gap, according to China's CCTV news service. The firefighters had to use a rope to get themselves down the gap without getting stuck themselves. The man did not suffer any serious injuries in the bizarre incident, but he was still taken to hospital for treatment on cuts and bruises caused during his dramatic tumble. What's more, CCTV claimed he suffered a bad hangover because of his excessive drinking.