Weird News


May 25, 2016

An elderly Polish couple recently partied until 5 a.m. at one of London's hottest nightspots.

The couple decided to head to Fabric after reading a review of the trendy nightspot in a Polish newspaper and they decided to party the night away there, listening to house and techno music.

Promoter DJ Jacob Hansen said: "They stayed until 5 a.m. and we convinced them to take our offer of a free taxi home instead of waiting for the tube. They said they had a great time and loved the crowd and vibe.

"What an amazing couple, so much humour, love and playfulness between these two. Our bodies might age but our souls are timeless."

A band called Between Music is set to play its first underwater gig next week.

The Danish ensemble is the first of its kind in the world, and will play Aquasonic at Rotterdam next Friday.

The group will play instruments and sing inside water tanks - using techniques that have taken 10 years to develop, according to Oddity Central.

Lead singer and composer Laila Skoymand wanted to find a way to sing underwater and she tried out her first experiment by singing while submerging her mouth in a kitchen bowl filled with water. At the time the bubbles added to the pop sound of the music. She now has a technique mastered which enables her to hit the high notes - she holds an air bubble in her mouth to sing through it while submerged in water.

She has to rise above the water once every minute to take a fresh breath and collect a new air bubble. But due to the small amount of air in the bubble, Laila can only make short, high-pitched tones because lower tones are created more nasally.

Laila added: "There is also a technique where I switch between singing on the exhale and inhale. But it can be hard to control".

Laila discovered only stringed instruments would work in water, and she would need to actually invent new instruments if she wanted to set up her own underwater band.