Weird News


May 26, 2016

Cat owners can lick their pets without getting a mouth of fur with new Licki Brush.

The mechanical brush, invented by PDX Pet Design, acts as a grooming tool by attaching to a person's mouth. The developers aren't new to the pet industry - they manufactured pet products such as Shru, an intelligent toy for cats - and have their own website, which states the tagline: 'Lickibrush. Lick your cat' and the description reads: "Either you or a good friend needs this and you know it. Sign up and be the first to Get a LICKI." Its products have appeared in Modern Cat magazine and the firm has even set up a kickstarter funding page to raise cash to grow the business. Anyone interested in this device is asked to send them their email address and they will email when the kickstarter is up and running. Visit for more details.

Conspiracy theorists in Australia claim to have seen a UFO moving "50 to 100 times faster than a normal aircraft".

Their claims are based on a flight tracker app that shows dozens of different aeroplanes operating in the area over New South Wales. But some viewers of the footage have disputed the claims about the flying object, arguing it can be easily explained. A YouTube user wrote: "These tracker apps use Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B). The transponder must be on the aircraft for it to show up so this would have to be one of ours."

A mother saw the shape of Jesus' cross in her baby's nappy.

Katy Vasquez of Winter Park, Florida, is convinced God sent her a sign that he is looking out for her and little tot and took to Facebook to share the happy news. She penned: "It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I'd see it. Hard to miss what's right there in front of you." She added: "I prayed to God for a sign that everything would be okay because we've been financially struggling. So, yeah, I do believe it's a sign that somehow things will be okay".

Vasquez was contacted by the Huffington Post and told them she was going to throw the nappy away when she found the unusual shaped faeces. She said: "I didn't think much of it till I went to throw it away. I believe that when things are bad, as they have been, God will always find a way to let you know things will be okay."

A study has found that potatoes cause high blood pressure - but crisps do not.

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School found that those who eat four or more portions of baked, boiled or mashed potatoes will increase their chance of high blood pressure by 11 per cent, the Metro newspaper reports. The study of 87,000 men and women also found that eating four or more servings of chips can increase the risk of high blood pressure by 17 per cent.