Weird News


May 27, 2016

A naked man was caught stuck in a chimney.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jordan Kajewski was found by firefighters at a recycling firm in Iowa in America after playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Carrie Sapp, the co-owner of the recycling centre, heard a yelling noise coming from the direction of the chimney and came across the young man who had no clothes on.

According to Sapp, Kajewski said: "I was playing hide-and-seek with my cousin. Don't call the cops."

Kajewski was cut free after the fireman managed to create a 25-foot hole in the chimney. U.S. media reports state that Head of Carroll Fire Department, Greg Schereck said: "This was definitely a first for us."

A budget airline is giving a major discount to passengers who vote to remain in the EU in referendum.

The Chief executive of Ryanair, Michael o'Leary, is pro keeping the United Kingdom in the EU and is rallying around British people to vote to stay and offering them a trip back to the UK for less than PS20.

Speaking to the Irish Times, he said: "I don't have a vote, but I run the biggest airline in the UK and employ 4,000 people in 15 different airports, we are also a big taxpayer in the UK.

A small studio flat in London has been listed for just PS546 a month - but it comes with a major catch.

If you can deal with having your toilet in your kitchen cupboard then it's a bargain!

But if you want to cook while the other person takes a poo, it could get pretty awkward and smelly!

The description of the property on, reads: "Studio has all new appliances and furniture with own kitchenette, toilet and washing machine. Sharing the new shower with one other person. The house is near shops, buses and Hendon Central tube station".

A new wristband has been launched which shocks shopaholics out of spending money.

The new gadget, called Pavlok, is connected to a bank account online, and when someone is overdrawn they will be frightened by a 244-volt shock.

It is reportedly "slightly uncomfortable" and is considered safe after being tested.

A spokesperson for the brand, called IE, explained: "We've had lots of interest from concerned others. Quite a few have said they want to get one for their daughter, or wife!"