Weird News


June 04, 2016

A man lived as a goat in Switzerland.

Thomas Thwaites found himself jobless and fed up with life in London and decided to become a mountain-roaming four-legged-animal, for three days.

He thought he would pretend to be a dog first, and explained to MailOnline: "I was walking with the dog of a friend and I noticed that the dog just seemed really happy about life, without any worries, and I thought to myself it would be really great to be you for a day."

He also considered being an elephant for a short time but decided they shared too many similarities - such as getting 'sad' and 'upset' with humans.

He finally settled on becoming a goat and set off for the village of Wolfenschiessen in Switzerland, where he wore prosthetic legs on his arms, ate grass, and used a prosthetic bag to spit his food into - because goats have two stomachs - before he sucked the mix back into his mouth through a straw.

A one-year-old child has grown a penis the size of a full-grown man's genitalia.

The child, born in Delhi, India who has remained unnamed, has grown pubic and facial hair, has increased sexual urges to rival that of a randy middle-age man and whose voice has begun to break because of the rare condition called precocious puberty , which sees testosterone levels rocket.

Speaking about her child, the mother said: "We thought he was just a big baby but later everyone started to point out that this growth couldn't be normal. His penis had grown to that of a man's size and we knew something was wrong." However, after receiving medical treatment for his hormonal developments at the age of 18 months old his penis has begun to shrink, and he has to consume a monthly dose to block the hormones.

Speaking to The Mirror online about the illness, Doctor Vaishakhi Rustagi said: "Usually this disorder is caused due to a brain or stomach tumour, but we didn't find anything as such in blood reports".

Smirnoff have unveiled a one-off LGBT bottle design.

The vodka heavyweights have launched a brand-new look for a limited edition tipple after they hosted a nation-wide design competition.

The winner, Luke Harding from Carlisle, will see a number of Smirnoff bottles made and sold bearing his unique design, and all proceeds from these bottles will go to LGBT charity, R U Coming Out.

The campaign also marks Smirnoff's involvement with the first-ever Digital Pride, an online celebration in Pride that aims to make it easier for everyone to get involved in Pride events - even if they live in countries where they can't do so publicly.