Weird News


June 06, 2016

Weird News

Chocoholics in Britain were left panicked after seeing a packet of Milky Way's Magic Stars with a warning on them.

The message states that the mini star-shaped chocolates are not allowed to be sold outside of the EU. A picture of the empty pack posted on social media clearly shows the print, which reads: "This product should not be sold outside of the United Kingdom." The post, which was shared on Monday, has since been shared more than 8,000. It's not sure whether Brits will be able to buy the sweet treat if they opt out of staying in the EU during the referendum on June 23.

A man has been arrested after he stripped naked and pooped on the self-service machine in a supermarket.

Colin Murphy was detained by police and charged with public disorder and indecency after he allegedly excreted on the service device at the Kroger store in Cincinnati. Onlookers told police that Murphy appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when he carried out the act and he was staggering around the store and had slurred speech. He appeared in court last week where he was offered $2,000 bail and scheduled for a pretrial hearing later this year, according to The Smoking Gun. He was also banned from returning to the supermarket.

An angry driver has expressed his frustration by paying his speeding fine with 22,000 coins.

The Texan was caught driving 39mph in a 30mph zone and was consequently fined $212 for breaking the law. He described the fine as 'extortionate' and decided to make the government work for their money by emptying buckets full of change on to the clerk's desk. Speaking to NBC 5, he said: "When my fine came due, I just decided I may as well pay with pennies and we'll make a big spectacle of it. It felt great. It really felt great." It has since been reported that the driver overpaid by $7.81, but that he was happy for them to keep the change.

Carlsberg have created a vending machine where you can buy 1966 World Cup replica shirts.

The popular beer brand has launched a device as part of their If Carlsberg Did Substitutions 'Shirt for Shirt' campaign to celebrate 50 years since England's victory, which allows football fans to buy a copy of the '60s top by simply trading in their own item of clothing. The alcoholic beverage franchise was inspired to create the gadget with the goal of boosting support for England ahead of their first UEFA EURO 2016TM group game against Russia on Friday. However, the unique machine will see an exclusive 300 shirts up for grabs on the day of the game. To check out the amazing ways Carlsberg is making UEFA EURO 2016TM better for the fans, and substituting the mundane for the extraordinary in France this summer, visit