Weird News


June 07, 2016

Birds are being given the chance to nest in Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

East Village E20, the former London 2012 Athletes' Village have partnered with the RSPB and enlisted carpenter Pete Bagg to create a number of bird boxes in the form of the London Skyline in a bid to tempt back garden birds, as some of the city's most common flying species, including starlings, blackbirds and blue tits are slowly disappearing from gardens. Other boxes which have been constructed - and are currently on display outside the Get Living London offices, which rents and manages homes at East Village E20, for the next eight weeks - include the Tower of London, Lee Valley Velodrome, The Gherkin, BT Tower and Battersea Power Station. The bird houses, including likeness of the ArcelorMottal Orbit and One Canada Square, will eventually be moved to permanent home at green locations around the neighbourhood.

Tesco have been forced to fit incontinence pads with heavy-duty theft alarms.

There have been several reports of theft regarding the device used to control bladder problems in the supermarket chain, which has led to one store in Leith, Scotland, to take their security measures to the next level.

Staff members have decided to tag the Tena pads line attaching it with a siren, which goes off if somebody tries to leave the store without paying. A Tesco spokesman said: "Our store managers take appropriate security measures based on the needs of the store". This high-tech is usually reserved for expensive items such as champagne or electronics. An anonymous source said: "It could be potentially embarrassing for someone to ask for a store assistant to take the tag off an item such as this. Why anyone would try to steal Tena pants, I don't know. It's taking security too far."

A boy called 911 emergency services after his father ran a red light.

The young child, whose name is Robert, chose law and morals over family loyalty when he rang the police to report his dad while he was still in the moving vehicle.

The police have released audio of Robert making the phone call and speaking to a dispatcher regarding his father's alleged traffic offence.

According to Sky News, the innocent crime-stopper said: "Um, daddy went passed a red light. He has a black truck. He was in a brand new car ... Mummy's car." The determined youngster called from Quincy in Massachusetts and revealed how his father committed the violation on their way to a car wash. The dispatcher than asked to speak to the young boy's father, who said: "Oh, no! I apologise." The embarrassed parent revealed how his son was only five years old and Quincy police did not pursue the alleged violation with any ticket being issued.

A teenager sneaked on to a jet travelling all the way to Dubai.

The 16-year-old boy, called Xu, crept and hid away in the cargo hold of flight EK303 from Shanghai with the ambition to earn his fortune and make thousands of yuan by begging in the commercial capital. The youngster has admitted to jumping over an airport fence and climbing into the hold while a security guard wasn't paying attention. Xu decided to risk this dangerous journey when he heard rumours of beggars in Dubai earning up to hundreds of thousands of yuan a year. It said in a statement received by Sky News, a spokesperson for Emirates airline said : "We are cooperating fully with authorities in Dubai and as this is a police matter, we are unable to comment further at this time."