Weird News


June 11, 2016

A cafE owner has started farting to get rid of last-minute customers.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, CCTV footage from the Internet cafE shows the owner impatiently waiting for customers to leave at closing time, before walking into the room and letting rip.

The customers didn't stick around for much longer, with one man even lifting his shirt up to cover his nose as he ran from the shop.

Meanwhile, the owner of the cafE watched havoc unfold, presumably feeling rather smug!

A child wore a hot dog costume on Princess Day.

A young girl has decided to break the mould by dressing up as a sausage in a bun on Princess Day, while her dance class pals sport Disney Princess ensembles.

However, the wardrobe choice was all her idea, according to her father. He tweeted: "No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending ... #hotdogprincess Best part is it was all her idea! (sic)."

Air Hostesses are selling their used shoes and tights online.

People claiming to be cabin crew have taken to online shops like eBay to sell their used shoes and tights, and it turns out there's a market for it.

One description on an eBay auction for a pair of tights reads: "Ladies cabin crew tights worn internationally. Size medium and worn by a tall lady. Can

be sent washed or unwashed."

When asked for a comment, eBay said selling unwashed clothes is against their rules for sellers, and any listings that don't comply will be removed. That's not stopping people though, as one seller has even set up her own website to sell her used pantyhose to the masses.

On her website, she added that if the buyers want 'any extras' she'll do her best to keep them happy.