Weird News


June 13, 2016

A couple celebrated their wedding in McDonald's.

Joseph Shapton, 34, and his wife Louise - who live in Hertfordshire, England - held their wedding reception at the fast-food restaurant because Louise missed out on celebrating her birthday as a child at the hamburger chain. Speaking to the Mirror Online about her big day, Louise said: "I always wanted a McDonald's party as a child and I never got one, so I thought I'd do my own one." And staff at McDonald's allowed the newly-weds to close half of their eatery early to give the couple some privacy. The couple even had a cake designed to look like a Big Mac burger, whilst staff decorated the inside of the building for the event free of charge.

A monkey stole 10,000 rupees from a jewellery store.

A primate targeted a shop in South India and stole cash from the till drawer, while staff were attempting to coax him away from the counter with food. Speaking to the Mirror Online about the incident, the store's owner, Ravi, said: "We offered him food, but he did not take any. It first attacked the worker, but he escaped. It sat for almost 20 minutes and then it opened the drawer at the counter and took away 10,000 rupees in cash." CCTV footage of the madness shows the animal throwing a guava fruit into the store as a distraction just before he continued on with his mission - opening the counter and making off with the cash.

A "boozed up" Brit lathered in suncream, slipped and slid 40 feet across concrete on his stomach into a swimming pool.

A tourist filmed the painful incident while on holiday in Benidorm, Spain. Kelly Crouch from Maidstone, Kent, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They had been messing around all day, but this was definitely the craziest thing I saw. It's the sort of thing that probably only seems like a good idea after an afternoon of drinking. You could see them all whooping and cheering. I couldn't believe he did it. I saw him around the hotel afterwards and he was covered in cuts and bruises to his legs and arms. He tried a couple of short ones, but then they rubbed him up with the suncream thinking it would help with the friction. The ground was solid concrete. Even though they covered it in water, it still must have hurt like hell."

Sex robots will make real human persons feel anxious.

An artificial intelligence expert, David Levy, has warned that the new technical gadgets, which will simulate sex acts with humans, will create performance anxiety and jealousy among mortals, reported the Mirror Online. David, who wrote Love And Sex With Robots, believes these sex robots, which will be built to the user's specific ideals of perfection, will leave real human bodies doubting their sexual ability. David also predicts people will get more comfortable with the idea of intimate relations with androids, which could see eternal bonds and marriage commitments emerge between the mechanism and the human.