Weird News


June 14, 2016

A man sunbathed semi-naked at a busy London market.

The brave man was spotted in Brick Lane, east London, setting up a deck chair to catch some rays, wearing nothing but slippers and swimming trunks.

Footage shows the man being marched away in handcuffs by two police officers who appear to tell him they have received complaints from members of the public about his behaviour.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, passerby Craig Jameson, said: "We initially thought it was just a performer. But it became apparent that it wasn't - it was just bizarre."

The man was later named as Gerald Muir, and has been charged with being drunk and disorderly.

A woman risked her life just to get the perfect tan.

The lady from Glasgow, Scotland, was spotted hanging precariously out of a third-story window in just a thong recently, all for the sake of catching the sun.

One onlooker, named Julie Hamilton, posted on Facebook: "Our Merchant City office neighbour taking 'taps aff' [tops off] to a whole new level ... 3 floors up!! #onlyinglasgow. (sic)"

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Twitter user Dougie McCann also spotted the woman and tweeted: "Glasgow Merchant city has always been a bit continental. (sic)"

A young boy has discovered a five-leaf clover.

Six-year-old Archie Morgan found a rare five-leafed clover in Devon, England, and used his good fortune to make a very important wish ... immortality for the Queen!

Speaking to Daily Mirror newspaper, Archie's mum, Sarah Morgan, said: "He said that he wanted the Queen to live forever. [...] He has been fascinated with the Queen and she was very much in his mind, perhaps next week he would have wished for something else!"

Archie had been learning all about the monarch's 90th birthday in his classes at school when he made the adorable wish.

Peter AndrE has been reading cheeky tweets to celebrate the launch of the new Oykos Whip 'n' Mix.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has partnered up with the brand for a cheeky competition called 'Tasty Tweets', which challenges the public to tell the world how the new Whip 'n' Mix makes them feel, all to try and earn the grand prize of a date with the heartthrob.

Oykos have created a video with Peter showcasing the best of the tweets received for the competition.

One entrant, named Diane, tweeted: "I close my eyes, the thick creamy yogurt and delicious kind of fruits make my mouth tingle with delight. (sic)"

The video for the Oykos Whip 'n' Mix 'Tasty Tweets' competition can be found here: