Weird News


July 12, 2016

A fish jumped into a shopper's basket in a bid for freedom.

The desperate fish leaped into the arms of a shocked man as he leisurely perused the shelves of his local supermarket. The unidentified shopper was on his mobile phone walking through the freezer section when the sea creature made its sudden move. Before he strolled into the sea-food section, he only had one item in his handbasket. The fish was amongst its peers in the tank when it spotted the man, who wasn't taking notice of him, and saw his opportunity. After his great escape, the shopper ended his call and realising the fish was still alive, he tipped it back into the tank.

A man has survived a battle with a mother bear. Rick Nelson, 61, had been walking his dog when he came face to face with a bear cub, which made a call to its parent.

In an attempt to save his dog, Nelson jumped in front of it, only to be confronted by the mother bear. Having practised boxing as a young man, he was able to knock the bear down with a simple two-punch knock-down. He told Ontario's National Post: "I was in the Panache region. It's a hunting area with trails running through the bush. I tied the dog up to a tree and I sat down on a log and 'pop!', out comes a cub's head. Now, I can't run because I've got a cliff behind my back. And I've got my dog tied to a tree. And she can't go down the cliff with me. So all I did was step in front of my dog. And I could hear the bear crashing through the brush to get into the clearing." Nelson suffered minor injuries, washing down his own wounds without visiting the hospital.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann hit emoji gold at the HTC awards.

Turns out the most fancied players of the moment are Antoine Griezmann, who received the most 'hearts on eyes' emojis, and the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who received the most 'tears of' emojis - and the most emojis overall! The HTC 10 Emoji Awards monitored the 10 million emojis that were shared during the recent tournament to find out who the general public were talking about the most.

Unsurprisingly, England players were definitely deemed the least attractive by Twitter, with Joe Hart being given more 'pile of poo' emojis than any other player.

A man has fallen in love with a sex doll after his third divorce.

The Australian citizen, known only as Murray, purchased the 6ft blonde bombshell in 2008 before trying out a number of plastic mannequins. He settled on a life with Noni and said he felt a deep and profound relationship with his purchase and admitted he suffered from depression before they got together. Speaking about the relationship, he told ABC: "It took me over a year to learn how to make love to dolls. Once I got over that massive learning curve, they can take you into realms you didn't know existed. They can take you to heights of ecstasy that ... . There is an emotional connection that cannot easily be explained."

However, he also admitted that a relationship with a real woman would be more ideal. He said: "If one had a complete choice you would rather have real woman, but that's not always available to people."