Weird News


July 13, 2016

A top chef has transformed a McDonald's Big Mac into a posh slap-up meal.

Jaimie van Heije accepted the challenge to use the fast food restaurant's most popular meal on the menu and turn it into a brand new dish. With just two beef patties, a pickle, salad, melted cheese, and burger sauce, Jaimie created a masterpiece, which looked nothing like the original food. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Jaimie said: "I found out that the meat is pretty good and made from big pieces. And it has character because I'll use meat from the shoulder and the brisket to make steak tartare, and I'll add some flank steak fat to make it more juicy. I'll mix it with the Big Mac sauce to keep the original character."

A bear has been captured waving goodbye to a photographer.

The beastly looking creature turned his charm on after happy snapper, 25-year-old Dylan, took a picture of him and waved goodbye, only for the animal to return the kind gesture. Dylan told The Daily Mirror newspaper: "I went to Olympic National Park to see the bears and to enjoy a weekend of camping. When I was leaving, I said 'Goodbye, bear!' and waved at it, then he waved back. I couldn't believe it. I was no more than 10 feet away from the bear, separated by a small wire fence. He didn't seem threatening at all, and it was almost tempting to go up and hug him."

A fox broke into a home and stole a child's PlayStation controller.

The cheeky animal was caught on CCTV entering a family's home in Grover Park, South East London, where he pinched the computer game device. A plumbing engineer found the items in the garden. According to The Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "On another camera, you see him coming out of the back window, putting the controller out on the grass. You can see him walking around the house like he owns it. We just couldn't believe it! A fox just came into our house."