Weird News


July 14, 2016

A teenage boy from Mexico developed a haunting voice after being possessed by a demon.

Video footage has emerged online and shows his fearful family looking on in horror as the teenager sits rocking in a chair outside his home in Montemorelos, Mexico.

The youngster, named Sayyid, is heard breathing heavily and developing 'throaty' noises as he sits distressed in the chair. The boy's family called for medical help, but it is reported that the medical officials were unable to provide him with the help he needed.

In light of this, the family sought after the help of a priest, who them performed an exorcism in their home in an attempt to rid the boy of his 'possession'. According to the Daily Star newspaper, It is unclear as to whether the boy was helped or not.

A quarter of British people consider spicy food lovers to bring the most action in the bedroom. A new survey conducted by Pizza Hut Delivery has found 23 per cent consider those who like their Blazin' Inferno and anything with a kick are more likely to be more adventurous in the sack.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut's survey also shed light on the reasons why people choose fiery food over milder meals. The results found that one in three people admitted to ordering spicy dishes in order to impress their date. Fifty-six per cent of men choose this tactic compared to 40 per cent of women, and it appears to be more popular with people between the ages of 16 to 29.

The survey also showed that British people are so in love with all things spicy, that one in 10 wouldn't consider a second date, or even continue the first one if their partner turned their nose up at spicy food. In response to their findings, Pizza Hut has recently launched three new free spicy sauces to complement your pizza of choice, and keep Britain a nation of 'sensation seekers'. The sauces come in three different levels of spice Mild, Mean and Meltdown. On the results, Adrienne Berks, the chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut delivery, said: "It's clear we are a country of spice lovers so we wanted to turn up the heat and get taste buds dancing with three new hot sauces - Mild, Mean or Meltdown. Now fans can test their taste buds while enjoying their favourite pizza."