July 15, 2016
Deidre Hall is Marlena on 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge and Brooke came to an understanding of how they could best help the ones they loved, and themselves in the process. Brooke chose her sister over her lover when it came to Katie's struggle with Bill over their son. Ridge acknowledged Thomas and Caroline's feelings and made a sacrifice in their honour. Zende and Nicole took their relationship to the next level. Katie found Bill and Brooke together in the office. Steffy persuaded Eric to go to Monte Carlo to announce that he was Forrester's new CEO. Wyatt demanded to know why Quinn snuck into Forrester's headquarters. On the Spencer jet, Liam opened up to Eric about his feelings for Steffy, Wyatt and Quinn. Brooke demanded that Bill do what Katie asked.

Watch For: Representatives from two families head to the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. A couple come to a new decision about their future. A jilted lover vents to an unlikely audience about the source of his anger.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A frantic Shawn continued his search for Hope and Rafe. Maggie opened up to Julie. Brady and Theresa confronted Summer in Las Vegas. Hope's condition worsened as she and Rafe remained trapped. Aiden maintained his innocence. Brady questioned Victor's involvement in Tate's kidnapping. Summer made an emotional appeal to Theresa. Rafe experienced an intense nightmare. Later, his love for Hope was put to the test. Kate moved out of the mansion.

Watch For: Deimos asks Nicole for a fresh start. Steve joins the search for Tate. Brady and Theresa are at odds with one another.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The group on Cassadine Island was stunned by Theo's revelation. The Davis girls came together to support their mother. Olivia's words hit Julian hard. A confrontation ended tragically. Andre left a puzzling message. Nina noticed that Curtis seemed preoccupied with Jordan. Griffin was fast on his feet in helping Julian. Meanwhile, Sonny had his suspicions. Carly was surprised to learn that Kiki and Dillon might still be together. An update from Parker changed Kristina's course of action. Michael and Sabrina grew even closer. Sonny and Finn made a deal that benefited them both. Carly sensed duplicity. Naomi had a huge reaction to a name from Port Charles' past. Franco defended himself from Lucy's insinuations. Later, Franco, Michael and Sabrina were left shocked and dismayed.

Watch For: Parker writes Kristina a letter. Josslyn makes an emotional plea to Carly. Nina thwarts Julian's plan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Summer sided with Victoria and promised her that she would find out Luca's true motive. Devon asked Dr. Neville not to treat Hilary anymore. Meanwhile, Jack apologised to Hilary for accusing her of faking her illness. Sharon assured Mariah that she was doing better and not to worry about her. Dylan confronted Victor about the evidence that would exonerate Adam, but Victor feigned ignorance. Later, Dylan asked Kevin to pull the security footage at the bus station. Dr. Shelby wouldn't allow Dr. Neville anywhere near Hilary. Nick told Luca to leave town and leave Summer behind. Mariah felt that Sharon was stable enough to move out. Jack stumbled upon some unexpected information about Phyllis.

Watch For: Victoria receives a tempting proposition. Victor's act of revenge backfires. Jill shakes things up in Genoa City.