Weird News


July 15, 2016

A nine-year-old boy claims to have magnetic superpowers. Mehmet Sumbul from Antalya, Turkey, discovered his unusual talent after seeing a similar stunt being performed on a YouTube video.

In the online video, Sumar is seen to lay several items of metal cutlery including knives and forks on his bare chest.

When he stands up the items remain firmly stuck to him, leading both him and his family to believe he has 'magnetic powers'.

His father, Huseyin, is yet to take him to seek medical help because he is unaware of any medical problems with his son. According the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said, "He can attract any type of small kitchenware. I haven't taken him to the hospital because he has no health issues. He is doing well at school and is good at sports too."

A large group of Pokemon Go gamers have ended up at a sex shop in Devon.

The mobile phone app uses GPS so users can use their mobile phone to find and capture Pokemon in the real world, using local businesses and landmarks. Around 12 people turned up to the adult store, Private Shop, in Plymouth, South West England, asking about Pokemon.

According to the Daily Mirror, a member of staff said: "I have noticed. There are people coming in talking about it. I didn't know what they were talking about, as I'm not really into games."

A sign at Los Angeles Zoo claimed George Washington was "nine koalas stacked on top of each other".

Jeff Wysaski - known as Obvious Plant - erected signage with weird animal 'facts' around the popular tourist attraction. He also claimed flamingos are, "cheating b******s", on one sign and, "meerkats can control electronics with their minds".

Another fib was barn owls think that one line in the Friends song is "owl be there for you".

It turns out Wysaski is a comedian from California and made up the facts to prank visitors to the zoo.

This isn't the first time his Obvious Plant comedy has targeted animals. Last May, the funny comedian pranked his local pet store with some very honest advertisements for some of the animals up for sale.

The UK's first chocolate kebab house is to open in Swansea on July 23.

A couple from the Welsh city came up with the idea to fill a typical-looking kebab shop with sweet treats such as chocolate kebabs created from waffles, crepes, churros and even milkshakes that will no doubt get the people of Swansea drooling.

Shop owner Stephanie Mills told WalesOnline: "Me, my husband and children have worked so hard to get the shop ready.

"All the hard work is now paying off as the shop is looking amazing! We are so excited after all the amazing response we've had and can't wait to open our doors for you all to see."