Weird News


July 16, 2016

Weird News

StubHub and Gymbox are helping giggoers improve their crowd-surfing skills with a new exercise class.

The ticket merchants and fitness company have teamed up to offer music fans the chance to prepare themselves for the mosh pit with the help of health experts.

The class begins with a cardio warm-up, then onto a sprint, squat and plank to work up the heart rate.

They will then go on to weighted lunges and round the session off with group-assisted holds of various weights, which includes lifting their gym mates, which promises you to be 'crowd-surf ready' for festival season.

An orangutan has been let loose in a Florida animal park.

The female ape had to be tranquilised by keepers after it ran up a tree and climbed on a sign.

Visitors were evacuated from part of the animal theme park as video footage showed the large female sitting about 20 feet above a large crowd.

Some of those in the park told how they were suddenly told to move.

An eyewitness told Fox News: "It climbed up out of the habitat and towards the guest area, just near the Zambia Smokehouse, which is in Stanleyville."

A woman was decapitated after having sex on a live railway line.

The accident took place in Ulan-Ude, Siberia, and is one of many injuries to have happened on the railway.

A man also had his legs cut off and separated from his body, which was found three days later.

Earlier in the week, a mother was hit crossing the track with her two children. Both the mother and the eldest of the two children survived, and is now in hospital in a ''critical condition''. The youngest child died instantly on impact.

It appears that the woman and the man were engaged in sexual activity, when the woman heard the sound of an approaching train and looked up. It was too late for the woman, who was critically injured. A Russain Railway source said: "The woman was on top of her partner and when she heard an approaching train, she started to stand up."

A Thor surprise challenge has landed in London.

Ahead of the arrival of live action family arena show, 'Marvel Universe LIVE! Super Heroes Assemble', a replica of Thor's iconic Hammer, Mjolnir, has been set up inside The O2 arena, allowing families and fans to test their superpowers and see if they could emulate his godly strength.

The challenge has been attempted by hundreds of fans and only a few of them were successful in lifting the hammer.

Steven Armstrong, vice-president of Europe North at Feld Entertainment, Inc, commented: "We are delighted to bring Marvel Universe LIVE! to the UK, giving families an opportunity to enjoy this spectacular live show for the very first time.

The appearance of Thor's hammer in London will already give fans an idea of what it feels like to be transported into the Marvel Universe and the show will bring an engrossing storyline and non-stop stunts."