Weird News


July 18, 2016

Sheep on The Faroe Islands in Denmark have been fitted with cameras in a bid to get the island on Google Maps.

Locals are desperate to have the cars travelling around with cameras on so they, can be seen on the app and so they've gone to extreme lengths by setting up a campaign that involves cattle trotting around with mini cams on their head. Durita Dahl Anderassen of Faroe Islands revealed the new campaign on her blog. She wrote: "The Faroe Islands have some of the most beautiful roads in the world. It is impossible to describe what it feels like driving through the green valleys and up the mountains, or alongside the ocean, surround by steep drops and tall cliffs."

A man has been embroiled in a fight to keep his pet alligator.

David Van Buren from Florida, California, says he will do whatever it takes to keep his pet beloved reptile called Gwendolyn - who he's looked after for 47 years - however, wildlife officials have told the retired firefighter that the alligator is too big to be kept in his garden. According to Sky News, David - who feeds 13 - foot Gwendolyn cookies and pizza - claims she is healthy and is not a danger to anyone.

A woman found a python in her Argos furniture.

Ruth Summerbell got the fright of her life when she found a dead snake inside her delivery from the catalogue store. The bank manager from Somerset, South West England, was unwrapping the packaging on her new chest of drawers when the dead reptile fell out of the box. And it's certainly put her off buying anything from there again! The 33-year old said: "I'm not sure I want another Argos box in my house. It was terrifying. I absolutely hate snakes."

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, she has since contacted Argos who have agreed to collect the snake, give her a full refund and check thoroughly before delivering her wardrobe.

Police have rescued a bear after it got caught in a car.

Two police officers managed to set the animal free after it climbed into the unlocked vehicle and trapped itself inside. Annie from Genesee, Colorado, was about to get in her car to go to work when she found the grizzly visitor trapped inside. Deputies Tillman and McLaughlin from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department responded to the emergency call from teenager Annie Bruecker. Video footage shows the bear pressed up against the glass, pawing at the window. Annie told the officers that she had forgotten to lock her car the night before, but didn't understand how the animal had managed to get in without causing any damage to the vehicle's exterior. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, She thought it might have been the takeaway she had in the car the day before that attracted the bear. That will teach you to leave tempting treats in the car!