Weird News


July 19, 2016

Two high-school sweethearts were found dead in each other's arms.

Just a week after their 58th wedding anniversary, George and Ora Lee Rodriguez died holding hands, three hours apart. They died in a San Antonio hospital and both had been diagnosed with dementia. Just like Ryan Gosling's film The Notebook, where the same happens to his character Noah and his on-screen wife Allie, played by Rachel McAdams. The real-life couple were surrounded by their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Metro newspaper reports that the couple's daughter, Corina Martinez, said: "I just can't believe something like this would ever happen, you hear this on the movies ... like The Notebook. She added: "We had them here at the house, in their hospital beds, right beside each other. They were holding hands."

Firefighters have rescued a boa constrictor which slithered into a gas heater and did not want to come out.

Eight-foot Billy the Boa coiled itself inside the heated facility and, as a result, a crew had to dismantle the machine and retrieve it. Poor old Bill was found in a semi-detached house in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Sky News reports that team manager Dave Brierley said his colleagues joked that it would "go down in hiss-tory" as the brigade's most unusual animal rescue. He said: "When we got there, it was a big beast and had actually crawled inside, through a vent, and got itself trapped in the workings. It was a tricky job." He said it took his five-person crew about an hour to free the snake.


The employees of a company whose boss gave them a well-publicised big raise have bought him a new Tesla.

The Seattle Times reports that Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price posted the news of the gift on Facebook on Thursday, saying, "Gravity employees saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought me my dream car." Gravity spokesman Ryan Pirkle said the gift was thought up and organised by an employee who was one of those most impacted by Price's decision last year to raise to $70,000 the annual salary for all the more than 130 people who work at the company that processes credit-card payments. At the time, Price said he would also make $70,000, dropping his salary from more than $1 million annually.

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP):

Police in New Hampshire's largest city have got the Pokemon Go bug, trying to lure fugitives with the popular app.

A post on the Manchester Police Department Facebook page announces that police recently detected one of the rarer Pokemon characters - a Charizard - in the booking area. The post invites those whose names appear on a list linked to the post to be "one of the lucky ones" to come capture the Charizard. The list includes the names of the more than 500 fugitives on the department's wanted persons round-up. Sgt Eric Knight said Sunday the post has yet to net an arrest, but it's been popular with its Facebook followers. Since the post went up late Saturday night, it's captured more than 13,000 'likes.'