Weird News


July 20, 2016

SEWARD, Alaska (AP)

A mountain goat in Alaska jumped into the ocean to get away from crowds snapping its picture, and the animal drowned when it couldn't get back to land because of the crush of people on shore.

Alaska State Troopers said it's imperative to give animals adequate space. That didn't happen Saturday in downtown Seward, and troopers said in an online post that it "resulted in a wild animal dying for no cause."

It comes amid a series of incidents of people getting too close to wildlife, including tourists in Yellowstone National Park who picked up a bison calf they thought was abandoned. It had to be euthanised.

In Alaska, troopers got a call about people harassing the goat and another about a large group following it on to the breakwater rocks.

DURHAM, New Hampton (AP):

University of New Hampshire dairy researchers are more relaxed these days about monitoring pregnant cows.

A sensor attached to their tails sends text alerts to help detect when they're in labour.

Moocall measures tail-movement patterns triggered by labour contractions. On average, it alerts dairy managers by cellphone and email about an hour before a cow gives birth.

Moocall was developed in Ireland and released commercially last year.

The company said the University of Kentucky also uses the technology. Doctoral student Kayla Aragona said with about 70 calves are born every year at the farm, it's a help. But it's not foolproof.

One unhappy cow rubbed her tail up against everything and banged the sensor on the wall to try to get it to fall off, leading to false alarms.

ENCINITAS, California (AP):

A dead humpback whale that keeps washing up on the Southern California coast after being towed out to sea is proving to be a headache for beach officials.

A construction crew in Encinitas tried cutting up the rotting carcass Sunday but work was halted when part of a forklift snapped off.

Marine Safety captain Larry Giles, told The San Diego Union-Tribune that lifeguards covered the 22-ton whale with sand to try to ease the stench. Officials believe the carcass that came ashore Saturday at Grandview Beach is the now-infamous whale dubbed Wally.

Wally was first towed away after washing up in Los Angeles County before the Fourth of July weekend. The carcass was towed three more times after drifting back toward shore.