Weird News


July 23, 2016


A flight from Sydney to Thailand was diverted to Indonesia to offload a group of drunken Australian travelling companions who started throwing punches at each other, officials said yesterday.

Jetstar Flight 27 was carrying 314 passengers when it diverted to Bali on Wednesday night after the six who were travelling together to the tourist island of Phuket became "extremely disruptive among themselves" and refused requests from the crew, the Australian budget airline said in a statement.

The airline said all six were forced off the plane, but Bali officials said only five men were held by airport security and faced deportation to Australia. It is not clear what happened to the sixth passenger.

Bali airport manager Trikora Harjo said an investigation determined that the only reason the men started fighting was because they were under the influence of alcohol. "They were not seriously injured, just bruised," Harjo said.

Nine Network television showed video of one of the men with a black eye being escorted by security guards from the plane.

Nine reported another man had bled heavily in the plane from a broken nose. Bali airport official Yusfandri Gona said the men would undergo health checks before they are deported.

CLARKSBORO, New Jersey (AP):

Authorities say a New Jersey woman trying to catch Pokemon in a cemetery ended up stuck in a tree and had to call 911 to rescue her.

Firefighters in Clarksboro say the woman climbed a tree Tuesday night while playing 'Pokemon Go' on her smartphone inside the Eglington Cemetery. She called 911, and the East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue arrived to get her down with a ladder. Chief Rob Gould tells WCAU-TV that "she was a bit embarrassed at that point." Fire officials didn't release her name to spare her additional embarrassment. In a Facebook post, the fire department warned 'Pokemon Go' players to watch where they're going so no one gets hurt.


It's not common for senior citizens to move from Florida to Maine, but Larry the Lobster's life depends on it.

The decades-old, 15-pound lobster has been spared from the kettles of a Sunrise, Florida, restaurant and will head to the Maine State Aquarium for retirement.

WPLG-TV reports a rescue group stepped forward to save the venerable crustacean. It's estimated to be between 60 and 110 years old.

Maine Department of Marine Resources spokesman Jeff Nichols says the lobster will be quarantined to protect other marine life.

The aquarium will assess its health, but has no plans beyond that. Animal welfare group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals is pushing for the lobster to be released into the wild so it can live out its "golden years at sea."


A Colorado bed and breakfast owner armed with just a length of rope helped save a black bear with a giant plastic container stuck on its head.

Jim Hawkins got his lasso around the animal's midsection on the first throw.

He said he and the bear "did a rodeo thing for a while" before the animal figured out that Hawkins was the reason it couldn't run away. That's when the bear went after Hawkins, leaving him with scrapes and a wound that needed stitches. It then scrambled up a tree, remaining there until officials arrived. Carbondale District Wildlife Officer John Groves tells the Post Independent newspaper that officials tranquilised the bear and cut the container off its head. It was released in the mountains and is expected to survive.