Weird News


July 27, 2016

A new restaurant has been serving posh grub to dogs.

An eatery in St Luke's in Glasgow, Winged Ox, has now opened its doors to canines and has developed a menu that caters specifically for the furry friends. The menu includes lamb burgers, chicken and rice, hot dogs as well as poached fish with scrambled eggs. And if the canine customers are still feeling hungry after their posh treat- ranging anywhere between PS1.50 and PS5 - they can get their paws on a scoop of ice-cream to finish off their doggy-dining experience.

The owner of the restaurant, Steve Martin, is so proud of his menu - after being a doglover himself and testing the menu on his own pooch - that he will personally come out of his kitchen to serve the pups their gourmet meals. He revealed that dogs from all over the west of Scotland have come with their owners for a special day out.

He told the Daily Record newspaper: "We've had all sorts of dogs here, all shapes and sizes, even some tiny ones in doggy jackets. The food is all top quality and fit for human consumption, but is obviously served at a lower temperature and in special doggy bowls." He even added that they have plans to start introducing doggy beer, but, as the menu states, "only if they're over 25."

A food expert has created ice cream that never melts.

Rob Collignon - who is the owner of Gastronaut Foods - has come up with a recipe for the sweet summer treat so that it can be enjoyed at room temperature without melting.

Collignon said: "Before you pop it in your mouth, it's entirely different from frozen ice cream. It crumbles in your hands and is room temperature.

"But once you take a bite, it absorbs the moisture and transforms into the same sweet and creamy ice cream you've known all your life - but with no brain freeze." Mr Collignon has been working on the recipe, which sees ice-cream freeze-dried to dehydrate it, for three years and has come up with three flavours - Mexican Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "I started making ice cream in my Brooklyn apartment and freeze-drying it in a machine that took up half my kitchen ... I quit my office job in the Autumn 2015, gave up my apartment, and moved into a 1987 VW van. I travelled 20,000 miles through the US, Mexico, and Canada while working on the business. Once it was figured out, I settled in upstate New York to launch the Kickstarter campaign."

A man has called the police after someone "stole" his Pokemon.

A fan of the new mobile app Pokemon Go felt it was acceptable to contact the emergency services when someone took the animated monster he was planning on catching through his device. The gentleman made the call from Gloucester, southwest England, on July 15 - one day after it officially launched in the UK - and was given a verbal warning from officers for wasting their time, according to the BBC.