Weird News


July 29, 2016

COEYMANS, New York (AP):

Authorities say a 62-year-old man playing Pokemon Go at night in the woods behind his New York home, became stuck in waist-deep mud and had to be rescued.

Police say the man was playing the game on his cell phone at around 2 a.m. Sunday when he wandered into thick woods behind his home in Coeymans (KWEE'-mihnz), just south of Albany. Officials say he became trapped in a mud pit up to his waist and couldn't get out. He used his phone to call 911 emergency dispatchers, who guided an officer to his location by pinging the man's phone and the officer's.


Election officials in northern Thailand think they can buy off a gang of monkey vandals with fresh fruit and vegetables, after about 100 macaques tore up voter lists publicly posted ahead of next month's referendum on a proposed constitution.

District official Surachai Maneeprakorn said a large population of the monkeys lives behind the Buddhist temple, where the polling station they raided Sunday is set up in an open hall. "For some reason, they were being very naughty and started tearing up the lists," he said. Local officials brought the animals food on Monday, and hope that if that does not deter them, then newly installed sliding glass doors protecting the reposted lists might, said Phichit district election official Prayoon Jakkraphatcharakul. "The glass cases should deter the monkeys, but if they're smart enough to find a way to open the glass door, that will be problematic," said Prayoon. "There were only a couple of lists left on the board by the time the police got there. Some of the monkeys were still even holding on to the papers." Prayoon speculated that the pink colour of the voter lists for the August 7 referendum might have attracted the animals. He said that the temple had been a polling station for many previous national elections without voters encountering any interference from long-tailed neighbours.

AMHERST, Massachusetts (AP)

The strong smell caused by a man cooking urine has prompted the evacuation of an apartment building in Massachusetts.

Police responded to the Amherst apartment complex after the manager found several unmarked glass containers filled with liquids in an apartment. Fire officials say the manager had received a complaint of a pungent odour. Assistant Fire Chief Lindsay Stromgren says the smell came from urine and possibly other chemicals. She says it's unclear what the man was trying to produce. He was identified, but hasn't been criminally charged. A private clean-up company now has the chemicals. The tenants were allowed back into their apartments after authorities determined that the substances weren't explosive or a health hazard.


A turtle found wandering around a busy New York City bus terminal has been reunited with its grateful but sleepy owner.

Joe Pentangelo (pehn-TAN'-jeh-loh) says a bus dispatcher summoned police on Sunday after the rambling reptile was found on a roadway inside the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey terminal.

The turtle had spent about a half-hour at the police desk when a clue emerged: a man holding a second turtle. He told police that he'd fallen asleep, and the turtles had climbed out of his shoulder bag and went exploring. He went to claim the second turtle. Then all three hit the road - together. Their final destination was unknown.