St George's new captain James confident of title success

August 02, 2016
file New St George's captain Dominic James (left) and one of last year's star players Gregory Messam Jr during a game at Winchester Park.

With the 2016 Manning Cup season just around the corner, perennial favourites St George's College are hitting top form.

D'Angelo Mullings netted the only goal in a 1-0 win over Vere Technical in the final of the St George's Cup at Winchester Park on Saturday for their third successive hold on the trophy.

The North Street giants will be without their feared attacking trio of last season - Alex Marshall, Gregory Messam Jr and Chevon Stewart - but new captain, Dominic James, a key man in last year's team, believes this new aggregation will still be strong enough to challenge for the title.

"We had a good performance (in the St George's Cup) but it's a performance that we are not too happy about, but we are working on it. It's a good feeling going into the new season, but we have things to work on," he told STAR Sports after the game.

"We have a few youngsters who came up, so we will see how they do in this new team, but we have a few players from last year, so although we lost those players, we still have a good team," he added.

James left Excelsior for St George's last year, and now in his second year with the 'Light Blues', the responsibility of leading this group has been put on his shoulders by coach Neville 'Bertis' Bell. The youngster says he is ready for the challenge and ready to lead his team to glory.

"I feel good about the responsibility, and knowing that he (coach Neville Bell) trusts me ... I will just try to maintain the high standard we are known for," said James.