Weird News


August 02, 2016

An artist has built a tiny border around Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In a situationist prank, the artist - known as 'Plastic Jesus', who has previously made anti-Trump artworks - has put up a six-inch concrete wall around the slab, barbed wire, tiny 'Keep Out' signs and a number of American flags. Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Plastic Jesus said: "I think [Trump's plan to build a wall on the Mexican border] is completely ludicrous. So I try to get my work to act as a catalyst to get people thinking about his policies."

Deliveroo took to the streets of London recently to deliver food to Pokemon Go players.

The delivery company got players of the hit Nintendo smartphone game - which Ariana Grande has described as "a beautiful thing" that "brings people together all over the world" - to tweet the whereabouts of gyms around London, such as Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, and then personally delivered sushi to the game's ravenous players.

The three teams of yellow, blue and red all battled it out to lure the company to their location so they could enjoy the Japanese food straight from the popular sushi bar Yo! Sushi.

Deliveroo spokesperson Kate Thomas said: "With Pokemon Go being played up and down the country, more and more trainers are heading out to gyms and are in need of food! With players focusing on the game, they don't always have the time to head to the shops or cook. We hope that our delivery will help trainers keep their energy levels up for the hours of gruelling hunting and battles ahead!"

Almost 58,000 people have signed a petition to have fire ants renamed 'spicy boys.'

The online debate is hoping to receive a minimum of 75,000 signatures and, once the target is reached, it will be sent to America's President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for consideration. The petition reads: "It's 2016, there are 36 genders, bayblade might be a new Olympic sport, why aren't we calling fire ants 'spicy boys' (sic)." And one petitioner, Malip Phripps, believes the renaming of the red ants will save loads of children from eating them. He said: "Don't worry, we won't allow these Spice Boys to be carelessly misnamed any longer! Think of all the children who ate a Spicey Boy, only knowing them as 'ants' and then being burnt to death by the sheer force of the spice? We're saving LIVES here, people!"

The writer of Baha Men's 2000 hit Who Let The Dogs Out has revealed its meaning.

The song's writer, Anslem Douglas, said that the original song Doggie, on which the hit single is based, is actually an anti-patriarchy anthem. He told the Huffington Post newspaper that the chart-topping tune is "a man-bashing song" and he explained that his definition of 'dogs' is badly behaved men. He explained, too, that in the song, women are bemoaning some gents who have called them rude names, describing them as "dogs".