Weird News


August 03, 2016

A grieving daughter has been told her mum is too fat to be cremated.

A retired dinner lady, Mary Butler, told relatives she wanted her funeral to be at Markeaton Crematorium in her home city of Derby, but was denied her dying wish because her coffin was too wide. Speaking to the Mirror newspaper, her distraught daughter Jennie Butler, 42, said: "She was a big lady, but we're not talking anything outrageous. She was not the biggest woman in the world. I cannot understand how they cannot cremate her. She can't be the first bigger person to be cremated there. I find the whole situation totally unacceptable and shocking." Mary died at the age of 77 after suffering with pneumonia.

Pokemon Go led a lady to a stray injured kitten.

Carey Burns had just started playing the app and was out in a car park near her home in Florida, trying to "catch 'em all" when she heard a strange noise, which was the sound of a baby cat. Speaking to the Huffington Post about the incident, Carey said: "I had just downloaded Pokemon Go and was figuring out what it was all about. I heard this noise, it sounded almost like a bird. I followed the noise and there was this little kitten sitting there on the ground, and her leg was out at a weird angle." She named her new friend Mewtwo, in honour of the game that brought them together, and is caring for the kitten until she recovers.