Weird News


August 04, 2016

A man has been filmed having sex with his car's exhaust.

The person filming the sex act on the motor asked the man if he was enjoying his experience thrusting his pelvis on the back of car. In the footage, shared by the Daily Star newspaper, he asked him: "Is it good?" The stunned male ran for his life as soon as he caught sight of the cameraman, who continued to ask him naughty questions. He laughed: "You're f****ing a car, did you cum?"

A mortified teenager had to be rescued after getting stuck in a baby swing.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the 14-year-old girl was with her friends in King George V playing field in Bloxwich, West Midlands, when she decided to try out the toddler equipment. Her prank soon backfired and her pals had to call the fire department to come and rescue her. The Wolverhampton Fire Station crew raced to the scene and cut free the embarrassed teen. The station tweeted: "Crews released girl trapped in child's swing. Safety advice given, advised to stick to see-saw and round about. She was very remorseful with exceptional manners, more than most adults we meet. Children make mistakes and learn, didn't you?"

A pair of naughty canines are no doubt in the dog house after they crashed their owner's car into the Walmart store in West Virginia.

The mischievous mutts soon got bored whilst stuck inside the vehicle on a hot summer day and decided to become daredevils. While no one - animals nor humans - were hurt, one woman described having to jump out of the way of the car and how, at first, she thought the driver was a pal playing a prank on her. However, she soon came to find that the dogs were in the driver's seat. Local man Ryan Estep told local news outlet WSAZ: "I didn't know dogs could drive. Dogs can be your best friend, and in this situation they can be your enemy, too."

A drunk man argued with himself via a note.

Steve Davidson, 30, took the forward-thinking step of writing himself a message for when he arrived home wasted in an attempt to alleviate the worst-ever hangover symptoms. His sober note encouraged his drunk self to drink water and eat something before he passed out, but his drunk self had some harsh words for captain sensible. The scrawl read: "You sober Steve I do what I want." Speaking to the Mirror Online Steve said: "I'm quite stubborn when drunk, so when I saw the note I thought, 'no one tells me what I can and can't do", so I replied. But I remember I kept getting confused [as to] to which Steve I was talking to, hence the crossed-out sections."