Weird News


August 05, 2016

A dead man asked for strippers to perform at his funeral.

Mr Jian requested before his death that raunchy dancers pranced around to Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger in nothing but their underwear and leather knee-high boots while his grieving relatives look on. After performing three uptempo songs, the dead man - who was lying in his wooden coffin - was taken away for a more professional ceremony. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, a new craze has ripped through China that sees strippers invited to perform at the funerals in order to attract more mourners. However, Chinese authorities are now trying to clamp down on the weird trend.

A toddler ate her aunt's make-up palette because she thought it was chocolate.

A young girl mistook her relatives Too Faced eye-shadow kit for a box of sweets, which smelt like the calorific treats Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut and Champagne truffle they were named after, and swiftly tucked into 16 single shimmers in the cosmetic product.

The news was announced on social media via her aunt Lauren Rincon's Twitter account alongside a picture the culprits make-up covered face. She wrote: "My niece ate my too faced chocolate bar palette bc it smells like chocolate I don't know if I should cry or laugh (sic)."

However, Lauren later took to Twitter to assure social media goers the child was safe, although her beauty products weren't. She said: "update: after a million q-tips & napkins later I was able to save my baby, except for a few colours (sic)."

A brave man has stripped naked and spent an hour with a swarm of bees - and he didn't get stung once.

Charles Wieand ditched his safety suit for his birthday suit in his most frightening challenge to date, as he stood with thousands of the insects while completely in the nude. Charles, from Columbus, Ohio, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Once it was all over I was relieved, if not a little shocked. I genuinely thought I was going to get stung hundreds of times. A few flew and crawled up my inner thighs and I wasn't sure where they were going. It's not exactly the ideal place when you're not wearing any clothes. Some landed on my eyelid and face, behind my ear, but the rest just harmlessly crawled all over me. I've been stung before, so it wouldn't have been a massive deal, if I hadn't been naked. But it was the sheer volume of insects that worried me."

A garden gnome has been kidnapped.

Bev York thought her gnome was stolen when it went missing last year, and was surprised to learn the statue had been stolen and whisked away on and exotic holiday to Mexico.

A year after the gnome's tragic disappearance, Bev found a package where the garden feature had first gone missing and discovered a book documenting the gnome's adventures, including photographic evidence of the troll sipping cocktails at the beach.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about the gnome's adventures, she said: "I opened up the bag and it had a beautiful book and story, and it just brought a smile to my face. I think it's very sweet that they went to all that trouble and made that beautiful book."