Soap Preview Friday


December 09, 2016
John McCook, Eric on 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.
FILE Eric Martsolf as Brady Black, in Days Of Our Lives


Sensing that Steffy was softening in her stance on Quinn, Liam attempted to get her to realise that she was being manipulated. Quinn told Wyatt of her plan involving Forrester Creations. During a revealing father-son conversation, Ridge and Eric shocked each other with their respective news. Later, Eric had a disagreement with Rick regarding how to conduct the business. After Liam confronted her, Quinn gave up hope that her plan to manipulate Steffy would ever work. Ridge asked Steffy to compromise if she didn't want to take Quinn up on her request. Katie gave Eric a token of her gratitude after she decided to buy the house next door to him.

Watch for: Parents disagree on how to discipline their child. Someone embarks on a new career after suffering a heartbreak. An innocent party is on the receiving end of an intimidating threat.


Deimos laid out his theory about Chloe to a skeptical Brady. Steve and Paul met with Sonny to update him on the Hernandez case. Steve presented Kayla with an early Christmas gift. Derrick asked Paul if he had feelings for Sonny. Nicole admitted she was finally ready to move on with Deimos. Kate supported Adrienne throughout her ordeal. Deimos told Brady privately that he was getting closer to uncovering the truth. An argument escalated between Jade and Joey until she started having serious pain. Abigail was finally ready to let Chad know that she is alive. Theo witnessed an intimate moment between Abe and Valerie.

Watch for: Gabi is stunned when she overhears JJ's conversation with Jennifer. Coco and Sheila plot to take down Hope. Theo wonders if Ciara has feelings for him.


Sonny and Carly reminisced about happier times. Jason and Curtis uncovered a huge revelation. Valentin and Nina grew closer. Sam was suspicious of Alexis' behaviour towards Julian. Maxie and Nathan prepared for their wedding. Passions ignited between Nina and Valentin. Jason and Sam found out the sex of their baby. Jordan shared some vital information with Curtis. Maxie and Lulu's investigation went awry. Hayden's condition took a turn for the worse. Dante and Nathan tried to extract key information from Valentin. Nina defended her actions. Liz took matters into her own hands. Jason and Curtis ended up in an unpleasant place while searching for evidence. Nelle continued to manipulate Sonny.

Watch for: Franco uses Kiki to get back at Tom Baker. An unknown enemy lurks the streets of Port Charles. Finn risks everything to save Hayden.


Chloe informed Chelsea that she was going to start looking for an apartment. Chelsea agreed that it was time for her and Connor to live on their own. Chloe got upset when she found out that Kevin was in her closet. Stitch warned Cane to slow down and not do anything to agitate his injury, but Cane continued to hide his agony while at work. Dylan was determined to find a way to remain in Christian's life. Mariah suggested that Dylan go on "GC Buzz" to tell his side of the story. Kevin wondered if Chloe was hiding information about Bella's father. Jill pushed Billy to accept Traci's invitation to breakfast at the Abbott mansion. Nick was hesitant when Victoria urged him to make amends with Nikki. Cane asked Billy not to mention his slow recovery to Lily.

Watch for: Jack pursues a risky business opportunity. Chelsea sees Nick in a new light. Phyllis develops a new attitude.