Weird Friday Stuff


December 09, 2016

A Chinese pupil - believed to be around 17 or 18 - roped in some of his friends to set up the romantic gesture at his school.

But he didn't get the fairy-tale ending he was hoping for as Miss Li lost her temper and lashed out in front of him.

The proposal, which was captured on video and went viral, showed a bright red banner emblazoned with: "Miss Li, I love you! Marry me".

Miss Li arrived on site to see the boy stood holding a bunch of flowers and he got down on one knee to pop the question.

But an embarrassed Miss Li replied: "Stop, stop fooling around. Please get up."

After refusing to get up, Miss Li shouted: "I have a boyfriend", but he continued to pull out a ring from his pocket.

Unimpressed with his efforts, she lost her temper, threw the flowers at him before chucking the instruments to the ground and booted the amp with her foot.

As she stormed off, she yelled: "I have a boyfriend. I told you to stop fooling around. I told you I have a boyfriend."

Copas Turkey, a farm in Cookham, Berkshire, has stepped up security for its 24,000 free-range turkeys in a bid to stop them from being eaten by foxes.

The two alpacas are part of a herd of 10 who have all been given festive names such as Blitzen, Comet, Sage and Vixen - and have been promoted to head security by the family business owner Tom Copas, who has run the business since 1957.

In an interview reported by the BBC, he explained: "It's not as strange as it sounds. Alpacas are used all over the world to deter wild dogs and coyotes."

He noted that unlike dogs, the alpacas stay there day and night.

The move comes after hundreds of birds were killed at his farm following a series of fox attacks last year.

Now the grass-eating alpacas, which are native to South America, will ward off the foxes and protect the turkeys, because in the wild, foxes will try to kill unguarded baby alpacas.

A duo of robbers tried their luck earlier this week when they allegedly smashed windows of a series of cars and snatched keys, textbooks and a MacBook near Salt Lake City in Utah.

But they came unstuck when Taylor Hill and Gentry Philips - who were the victims of the crime - used the Find My iPhone app to track the laptop to an address in Taylorsville.

According to KLS TV, Hill contacted the police and a squad of officers spotted the computer inside a car and waited for the vehicle owners to return before arresting the couple.

They were later identified as Tyler Angelos, 28, and Elisha Wiley, 26.

Investigators went on to uncover between 250 and 300 purses, bags, mail, laptops and other electronics they believe had been stolen by the young pair.