December 16, 2016
Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman in 'The Young and the Restless'.
John McCook, Eric on 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.
Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill called Liam out on the real reason why he didn't want Steffy to accept the position at Forrester Creations. Following Steffy's announcement, Ridge and Rick were given new positions in the company along with Quinn. Eric demanded unity between his family members at work and at home.

Steffy was hurt by Liam's lack of support as he focused on Quinn being the reason for her new title. Wyatt displayed just how little he knew about the fashion industry. Katie refused to be a part of her sister's drama when Brooke opened up about the current dilemma with her love life. An irate Liam confronted Eric about offering Steffy the CEO position.

WATCH FOR: Someone meddles with a new relationship. An innocent bystander struggles with what to do when faced with some hard evidence. Renovations are undertaken at the Forrester Mansion.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Coco and Sheila continued their plot. Nicole prepared for the next phase of her life. Rafe learned something crucial about Stefano. Hattie begged for help. Deimos and Chloe questioned Philip while he was under the influence of truth serum. Steve and Kayla shared a romantic evening together. Adrienne was surprised by Kate's support. The stress of an argument was too much for Jade to bear. Abigail was ready to tell the truth.

WATCH FOR: Brady threatens Deimos. Lani reunites with her family. JJ worries that keeping another secret from Gabi will come back to haunt him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly made a kind gesture in the spirit of the holiday. Sonny and Jason clashed over a difference of opinion. Tom Baker found himself at the mercy of Franco. Hayden's condition worsened. Finn was inspired by something he saw at home. Jason and Curtis' investigation put them in harm's way. Nelle vowed to keep her promise to Sonny. Ava remained suspicious of Alexis' motives. Maxie was determined to uncover Sam's secret. Jordan's visit opened up new questions for Julian. Laura offered Lulu some motherly advice. Dante had reservations about Charlotte. Maxie confessed her feelings of guilt to Felicia. Nina cautioned Valentin about Lulu's intentions. Finn risked everything in an attempt to save Hayden.

WATCH FOR: Lulu is determined to obtain sole custody of Charlotte. Franco has a life-altering dream. Sonny goes into a tailspin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lauren confessed that holiday sales were down at her store. Later, Chelsea declined Lauren's offer to carry Chelsea 2.0 exclusively at Fenmore's. Phyllis confided to Michael that she thought Jack was done with her for good and that she was going to focus on her career from now on. Lily was jealous of Cane's new physical therapist. Victor told Nick that he would make room for him at Newman if he agreed to return to the company, but Nick declined. Billy confronted Jack about the eviction notice he sent to Brash & Sassy. Billy and Victoria vowed to create a wonderful holiday for the kids, but when he touched her hand, she pulled away. Jack told Ashley he better get used to his ruthlessness.

WATCH FOR: Lauren leans on an old friend. Michael and Kevin receive a Christmas surprise. Devon and Hilary learn from past mistakes.