Alan Thicke's family to celebrate his life


December 17, 2016

Alan Thicke's family are going to have a "celebration" in his honour this weekend.

The Growing Pains actor passed away earlier this week after suffering a heart attack, and while his oldest sons, Brennan and singer Robin, 39, are processing their grief with "quiet time", they will all come together today to remember the star.

Brennan, 41, and Robin's mother, Gloria Loring, told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We're all going to be together on Saturday because we have a joint birthday party for my son, Brennan, and myself. So, it will be a celebration of Alan, as well as our lives. It'll be a very tender time for sure."

Though Alan - who also had 19-year-old son Carter with Gina Tolleson - and Gloria divorced in 1984, they remained close and she can't bear the thought of life without him.

She said: "He loved his family so much. He was the centrepiece to our family and I can't imagine going forward."