Weird News


December 17, 2016

A man believes he found a sex toy in his Christmas cracker.

Neil Turner and his wife Jenny were pulling their crackers prior to the big day later this month when something resembling a "c**k ring" fell from it, much to their surprise.

Neil, 42, told Mirror Online: "This Christmas we decided to go for the premium crackers.

"The wife said they match the colour scheme, and it's just us, so we've been getting through them.

"On the box, it says the prizes are cuff links, corkscrews, nice stuff like that. So this was quite a surprise.

"We'd had normal prizes until this - when it flew out, we looked at each other and thought, 'what's this?'"

Neil added: "I had a look online and thought, yes, it really looks like a sex toy. I think it could be the right size. I just couldn't believe it."

Febreze has launched an exclusive perfume range named 'La Collection De Stinks' which resembles some of Britain's worst smells at Christmas.

The company introduced the selection in order to prove that Febreze is the ultimate solution spray to get rid of Brits' most unwanted smells at Christmas and have introduced scents such as 'eau de Brussel Sprouts', 'Bin bags' and 'Stinky Stilton'.

Scott Popham, senior communications manager for Northern Europe, said: "Expert perfumiers chose each note carefully, ensuring they were as realistic as possible. We thought this would be a fun and interactive way for consumers to see just how effective Febreze truly is."

The odour-preventing company revealed that Brits also voted for 'blocked loos', 'burnt turkey' and 'sweaty Santa suits' as part of their 12 worst odours during the festive period.

A bar has introduced three unique Christmas cocktails in celebration of '80s band The Pogues.

The Three Six Six bar in Battersea, London, have created the unique festive spirits called Shane de Troublemaker, Fairytale of New York and Sproutini in honour of the Fairytale of New York hitmakers' frontman Shane MacGowan, who celebrates his 59th birthday on Christmas Day and are hoping their different tastes will help liven up the season to be jolly.

Shane de Troublemaker consists of The Pogues' very own Irish Whiskey, Muscovado, Vanilla and Coffee Beans syrup, bitters and fresh orange peel for garnish.

While the signature Fairytale of New York is simply Whiskey and orange, syrup and Cynar.

A six-year-old girl has corrected Poundland's 'mistletoe' spelling mistake on a Christmas gift.

Maisie Hastings from Norfolk discovered the error on a wall art item that her father Ian had purchased from the store - which mistakenly read 'Misteltoe kisses' - and wrote to the company to notify them of their mistakes.

Her mother Sharon told the Daily Mirror: "We laughed about it but put it to one side as we haven't decorated yet for Christmas.

"Then last weekend Maisie had her spellings to check and be tested and out and about again we tested the theory, it was a one-off.

"Maisie was rather cross when we noticed all of them in Poundland were wrong.

"We laughed - after all it's Poundland - but to a six-year-old sacrilege.

"We had to listen to her all Sunday evening going on about the incorrect spelling while testing her.

"She got ten out of ten by the way. I posted her sad face on Facebook."