Weird Wednesday


December 21, 2016

A disabled dog's ballerina skills has become the highlight of a dancing show.

The three-year-old border collie named Pig suffers with short-spine syndrome.

But the furry pet didn't let her disability stop her from showcasing her flawless pirouette on stage in the Sugar Plum Fairy's Mutt-Cracker dance in Birmingham.

Pig previously showcased her moves last year at the same event, and after warming the audiences hearts with her routine, she decided to sign up to perform for the second time this year.

Cindy Free, the director of the Birmingham Ballet, said:

"We love having her in the show. She was perfect for the [role]. She's a petite, dainty package of joy."

The four-legged animal sported a pink tutu and danced on the stage next to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Cindy told Inside Edition: "She has been working on her pirouettes since last year, and she's gotten them pretty well, especially if you offer her bacon-chicken strips."

A pair of randy partygoers got frisky at a Christmas event.

A female decided to pleasure a man while perched on a stool at the front of the bar during a festive get-together held at the Gallery cafE bar in Russia's Khabarovsk, which has been captured on CCTV and become a viral video.

According to the Mirror Online, it is unknown whether the duo had just met under the mistletoe or had been dating for a while.

And the footage shows fellow customers were oblivious to the erotic act at first sight, but swiftly turned around in disgust when realised the goings on.

A sheep has rampaged through a woman's home.

Lesley Purcell from Stirling, Scotland, was left shocked when she found the farm animal inside her country home.

A video filmed by Lesley and posted by the Daily Record newspaper shows the large mammal stomping its hooves and moving through the house in a one-hour visit that resulted in a number of broken plant pots and other items.

The sheep then reportedly made its way to the 32-year-old sales worker's garden, where it defecated on her lawn before returning to its own field.

Speaking about her odd experience, Lesley said: "I was out in the back garden and I saw it near my neighbour's. It must have sneaked into my house after I left the gate slightly open.

"It was in my kitchen for over an hour. I got my neighbour to come and help but he was struggling as well. It wasn't easy. We eventually got it out the back door but we had to get chairs and all sorts of things to try and guide it out."

Emergency services had to be called to catch a deadly Brazilian spider.

The venomous creature was discovered by custom officials while searching a shipping container in Bremerhaven, Germany, and they immediately alerted firefighters and police to get rid of the dangerous eight-legged beast, according to the Metro newspaper.

The backup was called because the spider was considered too dangerous to approach, as its bite has the potential to cause fatal allergic shock and possible death within minutes.

Ten firefighters were forced to wear chemical protective clothing to catch the insect and police had to cordon off the area until the spider was removed from the premises.

Firefighters opened the shaft to flood the container with carbon dioxide from a fire extinguisher and safely retrieved the dead arachnid from the container afterwards.