weird news


December 22, 2016

A student has found a tarantula in his toilet. Caius Tabberer a student at the University of Manchester got the shock of his life when he went to the bathroom in his halls of residence and found the hairy spider trying to crawl inside his toilet.

The 19-year-old student told The Tab newspaper: "I needed the toilet, so I walked into the bathroom and saw a tarantula.

"It was crawling, trying to get under the loo. It wasn't really expected. I was scared. I think anyone who saw a spider of that size would be freaked out."

The student and his flatmates then called campus security, who dealt with the situation.

The history of art student said: "We decided to call campus security, and one of the guys said he had looked after spiders before. He told us to go and get a damp sponge to rehydrate the tarantula. Then he put it in a Tupperware."

After a video of the incident was posted on Facebook, another University of Manchester student named Georgia got in touch to claim the spider was hers, and that it had escaped while she was back at home for the Christmas holidays.

Georgia said: "This is my spider. I'm back in Belfast."

A pie has been sent into space.

The meat and potato filled pastry dish was attached to a weather balloon and sent into the unknown, ahead of the 2016 World Pie Eating Championship that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

The pie was launched from a car park near a pub in Wigan, where the championship was held, and last Thursday it reached an impressive 100,000 feet, travelling upwards for approximately three hours.

After the pie crash-landed back on Earth, it was taken for testing to see whether or not its molecular structure had changed, as experts believe it would have frozen as it made its way into space, before being cooked as it sped back down to the ground.

No test results on the pie's condition have been revealed as yet.

Goldfish have taken over a lake in Canada. Fishermen in Quesnel, British Columbia, have been battling to capture the popular household pet, after it was accidentally introduced into the waters of Dragon Lake, as they are now depleting the food source for the native species.

Tracy Bond, of the Baker Creek Enhancement Society, said: "They can handle things our native fish can't handle. We think they're probably spawning. They are hanging out in shallow water and don't have the other species around them."

A video clip posted by the society shows fishermen dipping nets into the water, and within seconds finding their nets full of fish which all have to be dumped on an ever-growing pile of monstrous goldfish.

It's unknown how many goldfish are in the lake, or if any further measures will be taken to rid Dragon Lake of the common fish.

A pagan priest has won the right to wear a pair of horns in his driver's licence photo.

Phelan MoonSong who wears his goat horns as part of his religious headgear penned an angry letter to the Secretary of State after his ID photo was rejected.

He told The Wild Hunt: "I was eventually called up and the clerk asked me if my horns were implanted and I told her they are not. He informed the clerk that he wears them all the time as a religious headpiece as a priest of Pan."

The priest now believes his win has made a difference to other religious people.

He explained: "My horns have become very important to me. The feel of them on my head, they are like a spiritual antenna. Freedom of religion means all religions, not just your own."