Soap Preview


December 23, 2016
Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux
@Normal:Dominic Zamprogna portrays Dante on 'General Hospital'.


For the first time in years, Brooke, Ridge and RJ celebrated the holidays together as a family. Meanwhile, Pam and Charlie prepared for the traditional Forrester family Christmas. Liam disapproved of how Steffy wanted to spend Christmas at Eric's house, knowing that Quinn would be there. Bill was depressed after seeing what Ridge gave Brooke. Ridge was overcome with nostalgic feelings when Rick declared a new tradition for the family. Bill and Katie spent a cordial holiday together in her new home for the sake of their son. Knowing that his family members had other plans, Eric called them over for at least one Christmas carol.

Watch for: A newly engaged couple sets their wedding date. A husband fights for his marriage by making a public display. A scorned lover is given reason to feel hopeful for a reunion.


Chloe was afraid that Nicole knew the truth about the baby's paternity. Philip angrily confronted Deimos. Kate accompanied an apprehensive Adrienne to her first chemo appointment. Joey overheard Jade during a vulnerable moment. Deimos and Brady became increasingly concerned when Nicole failed to return to Salem. Gabi broke things off with JJ. Andre tried to pressure Abigail into revealing she was alive. Dario found Paul snooping around his shipments on the dock and Sonny intervened. Abigail and Jennifer said a difficult goodbye. Chad and Gabi exchanged Christmas gifts.

Watch for: Chad continues to process Abigail's return. When Coco and Sheila make a bold move, Hope realises her days are numbered. Steve and Kayla help feed the homeless for the holidays.


Franco had a life-changing dream. Sonny flew into a tailspin when confronted with new information surrounding Morgan's death. Julian took advantage of an opportunity. Maxie threw Sam a baby shower. Liz sought help from Heather. Franco struggled with a decision about his future. Finn kept vigil at Hayden's bedside. Ava attempted to dissuade Julian from pursuing Alexis. Kiki was conflicted by a conversation that she overheard. Alexis prepared for Julian's arrival. Dante made a stunning announcement about Tom. Julian surprised Alexis with a gift and used the holiday spirit to his advantage. Carly managed to bring the entire family together to celebrate the holiday. Sonny's lies continued to build. Valentin took the high road with Lulu.

Watch for: Jordan and Andre reunite. Jason searches for clues at the pawn shop. Nathan receives some devastating news.


Phyllis confided in Summer that she was considering leaving Jabot. Nikki warned Victor to be on his best behaviour at Summer's birthday party. Victor was disappointed that none of his heirs was interested in working at Newman Enterprises. Jill refused to work under the same roof as Victor. Nick and Dylan got into an argument at Faith's recital. Lauren got defensive when Jill asked her how business was going. Devon told Hilary that he would give her creative control at GC Buzz. Ashley and Traci were determined to reunite their brothers for the holiday. Jill asked Esther to be her maid again.

Watch for: Ashley pushes Ravi's buttons. Sparks fly between Nick and Chelsea. Hilary pays the price for being in the spotlight.