Weird news


December 23, 2016

A woman was forced to call for help after finding a deadly tiger snake in her Christmas tree.

The unnamed lady contacted professional serpent snarer Barry Goldsmith and asked him to visit her home in Melbourne, Australia, last Sunday to help remove the one-metre-long reptile.

Goldsmith said that the sneaky snake must have entered the lady's property through an open door before wrapping himself up in her Christmas decorations. He believed the woman "reacted quite well" after making the shocking discovery.

He told the BBC: "She left the room, put a towel down as a door jam and came and rang me."

The highly venomous snake was later released back into the wild, and the snake expert insisted that the discovery wasn't unusual for him, as he has found the reptiles in various places including, "inside washing machines."

He added: "I've found them in ugg boots, washing machines, dog kennels, cat boxes, toilets, kitchen cupboards and bookcases."

A bird has been flown back to the Caribbean after flying 5,000 miles to the UK.

The red-footed booby, named Norman, was first discovered by a local resident in Hastings, East Sussex, in September looking underweight and dehydrated.

The rare bird was then taken in to the care of the RSPCA, who built his strength back by feeding him sprats and keeping him under heat to ward off the cold, before putting him on a 12-hour flight from Heathrow Airport back to his home of Cayman Islands in the Caribbean recently.

Mallydams wildlife rehabilitation team manager Richard Thompson told the Metro newspaper: "It is just fantastic to see Norman make his way home after the team here has worked so hard nursing him back to health and full strength. We are used to dealing with native seabirds here - like gulls and terns - but he is the first booby bird we have ever seen here at the RSPCA and the UK. It is amazing to think we've had a hand in his care."

KFC is trialling a Christmas party service after their research concluded that 70 per cent of British employees would rather have a laid-back Christmas party than a traditional boozy night out.

The fast-food chain is offering Christmas guests a designated table, decorations, waiter service and the famous Colonel's Christmas Burger as part of their festive package, and are hoping to receive a good response from workers so they can potentially launch the service for Christmas 2017.

Jenny Packwood, head of brand engagement at KFC UK and Ireland, said: "Having found that nearly three-quarters of British employees would rather have a more informal, fuss-free office Christmas party. It gave us the opportunity to look at how KFC could make this happen.

"The festive season is all about bringing people together, whether that be colleagues, friends or family - and what better place for a laid-back, non-traditional Christmas gathering than KFC!"