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December 30, 2016
Michelle Stafford stars as Phyllis Summers in The Young and The Restless.
File Ronn Moss stars as Ridge Forrester on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.
Steve Burton who portrays Jason Morgan on ABC Daytime's "General Hospital".

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: As Bill professed his undying love for Brooke, he was given a glimmer of hope that they would someday reunite. Pam showed Steffy and Liam the latest video that Wyatt posted. Katie chose her words carefully when she voiced her concern about Eric and Quinn's marriage.

Someone eavesdropped on Ridge and Liam's unflattering conversation about Quinn. Wyatt and Nicole talked about their mutual heartbreaks while working on an upcoming social media campaign. When a model was unavailable for a fitting with Ridge, he used the opportunity to continue with his plan for Quinn. Bill surprised Brooke at home on New Year's Eve. Ivy was suspicious when she witnessed a steamy moment between Quinn and Ridge.

Watch For: Steffy contemplates moving back into the Forrester Mansion. Quinn struggles with her attraction to Ridge. Eric makes it clear to Steffy that he wants her with Wyatt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Deimos and Brady conspired on how to prove that Chloe's baby was really Nicole's. Kate accused AndrE of stealing from the company. Hope made plans to recruit an army of inmates to combat her enemies. Brady and Deimos suspected that Nancy knew the truth. AndrE and Kate were stunned by Rafe's request. Steve and Kayla took a trip down memory lane.

Joey and Jade were starting to look forward to being parents. Jennifer was thrilled that Chad knew the truth about Abigail and begged him to be understanding. Kate and Eduardo made some romantic New Year's Eve plans together. Justin and Lucas both showed up at the hospital to be there for Adrienne. Kate received some upsetting news. Gabi helped Abigail with a panic attack.

Watch For: Chad and Abigail's New Year's Eve kiss turns passionate. Joey receives devastating news. Rafe visits Hope in prison to tell Hope that Stefano is alive.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason searched for clues at the pawn shop about the murder case while Sam learned some important information about the Chinese restaurant. Alexis was growing tired of Julian's meddling. Anna turned to hypnotherapy.

Laura promised to support Lulu in her custody battle. Later, Nina and Lulu clashed over what was best for Charlotte. Nathan received some devastating news. Sonny asked Carly to spend New Year's Eve with him. Hayden's recovery came at a price. Kiki couldn't fight her fate. Nathan's past came back to haunt him. Carly wondered if Sonny could ever truly change his ways. Valentin made a vow to Nina. Bobbie put Nelle on the spot. Jordan offered Curtis an opportunity with the PCPD.

Watch For: Alexis finally confronts Julian. Sonny and Carly reunite. Finn's recovery comes at a price.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nikki told Victor that she wanted to spend Christmas with both Nick and Dylan. Later, Paul visited Dylan after he refused to spend Christmas Eve at the Newman house. Victor wished that Adam was alive but was thrilled to have his family celebrating the holiday together. Devon confronted Hilary over lying about the other TV hosting offers she had received.

Hilary tried to make her case with Devon and accused him of trying to control her. Paul delivered the bad news to Nikki. Jill told Billy to show Victoria that he could be the man she once loved. Mariah was pleased with the positive feedback that she was receiving as the new host of "GC Buzz." Phyllis worked up the nerve to tell Jack that she was quitting Jabot to work with Lauren.

Watch For: Dylan takes on a new challenge. Victoria's world is turned upside down. Gloria uses a secret to her advantage.