Weird News


December 31, 2016

Firefighters were forced to use a saw and pliers on a man after he got his penis trapped.

The man had placed a black metal ring around his manhood for his own sexual pleasure, but that pleasure soon turned to pain when it got stuck.

According to The Daily Record the male, who has not been named, bought the ring "for fun" from a sex shop in Suqian City, in East China's Jiangsu Province, and "played with it" in bed and then dozed off.

The man soon woke up from his stupor to find the ring firmly stuck on his nether regions.

He waited until 2 a.m. to visit the hospital, but after waiting so long his penis had begun to swell severely and turned black.

Doctors were unable to remove the toy from his genitals so the fire brigade was called to cut him free.

Footage shows firefighters first trying to remove the ring with a pair of pliers, but having been unsuccessful, an electric saw was drafted in to finish the job.

During the rescue operation, medical experts had to squirt some water over the man's genitals to prevent the metal from heating up and burning him.

A giant marzipan pooping pig has been ranked the longest and heaviest in the world.

Two Norwegian artists have become world record breakers after they were tasked with designing something to draw more customers to the city centre this Christmas.

Speaking to The Local Norway, Erik Pirolt explained he was approached by Kristiansand - a downtown business lobby group - to make a showstopper.

He explained: "When I was asked to do the biggest pig in the world, I was a bit skeptcial. But my daughter, who is seven, really wanted me to make it so I said, why not? When we started making it, I thought something was missing and then the poo idea just sort of came to me."

Not only was the sculpture a success with shoppers but by adding a giant pile of crap, the sculpture was able to claim the world record for the world's longest marzipan pig and also the world's heaviest, weighing in at 875 kilos.

Pirolt added: "If the sh*t wasn't there, it wouldn't have made the record."

A new device called the Kissenger can send real kisses over the Internet.

It connects to a user's computer or smartphone and once the pad has been kissed, it transmits the sensation to a twin device that your partner is also kissing.

Speaking at the Love and Sex With Robots congress in London, Emma Yann Zhang, who worked on the prototype, said: "Kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection. It's a way for us to bond and maintain intimacy in our relationships. Also, it's stress reducing; when we engage in this kind of intimate physical touch, we have a lower level of blood pressure."

Meerpup Oleg is set to star in a festive advert inspired by Disney's Frozen. have revealed their exclusive new festive promo film.

The insurance experts and Disney are hoping to warm the hearts of the nation by bringing back the cute meerpup and his new friend Ayana, and the pair enjoy a snow adventure in the adorable advert.

The plot tells the story of Oleg, who gets transported to the exciting Wonderland when a lucky snowflake lands on him after he's abandoned in Africa.

He then rocks up a friendship with Ayana, among snow-covered trees and friends in Frozen outfits with the iconic song Let It Go playing in the background as the pair enjoy building a snowkat as well as other fairytale fun.