Weird news


January 06, 2017

A man has pretended to be his neighbour's printer.

The 18-year-old guy, named as Blake Messick, decided to play a prank on his neighbour when they bought a wireless printer and set it up on an unsecured network.

Taking to Twitter to share his prank with the world, Blake showed his computer screen as he sent a document to the printer without his neighbour knowing.

The document read: "Hello. I am your printer. I have become self-aware. Run."

He captioned the photo: "My neighbour just got an unsecured wireless printer, so I sent this to him (sic)."

To Blake's delight, the prank definitely scared his unnamed neighbour, and the following day he found the printer sitting by the bins ready to be taken away.

Blake then took the prank a step further, bringing the printer inside his own home and claiming it as his own.

He tweeted: "And that's the story of how I got a free printer."

A family has been left in shock after their front door was covered in bricks by pranksters.

An unnamed man and his family from Offenbach, Germany, were left in shock when they opened their front door one morning and were faced with layers of brick, held together with mortar, stacked across the entrance to the property.

Officer Ingbert Zacharias told German news outlet "The man opened his door in the morning and stood in front of a wall. Trick or joke, we do not know.

"This is a crime and not a joke."

In total, the estimated damage costs were €500 (PS425), as removing the wall also included removing the door frame as well as the bell.

And this isn't the first time German pranksters have caused damage in this manner, as a similar practical joke in 2015 caused thousands of pounds worth of damage when the door of a train in Hamburg was bricked up.

A landlord has installed a coin-operated flush system on a toilet.

Residents in a house in Melbourne were left shocked when they went to use their toilet and found they were made to pay up in order to be able to flush.

Taking to Reddit to vent their frustration, the unnamed user wrote: "I understand in our laundry having to pay for the communal washing machine. But I pay the water bill that goes into my apartment.

"He said it was a government incentive to save water. But then, why does he get to collect the money?"

And the angry tenant has even been advised to contact Australian news outlet 'Today Tonight' if the problem is not resolved.

The user continued: "I have spoken to my neighbour, and she thinks I should call 'Today Tonight' if the rental advice people tell me that it's not right for my landlord to do this to me.

"I have looked at their website and you can write them an email with your issue. People like him need to be exposed."

Mysterious notes have been left on the groceries at a Tesco store in Coventry.

Shoppers at the Cannon Park branch of Tesco were left confused when they discovered a range of notes left among the food items, according to the Coventry Telegraph.

Among the shelves of Tesco's own brand Ultra Slim meal-replacement drinks, one shopper found a not that read: "Is there note more to life than being 'slim'?"

Another shopper was left amused after they found more notes among other slimming products.

They read: "You don't need these chemicals.

"STOP counting calories! YOU LOOK GREAT (sic)."

Meanwhile, shoppers in the bakery aisle were met with poetry as they picked up a loaf of bread and found a 1993 poem by W.S. Merwin an 89-year-old poet from New York titled Bread.

Part of the poem reads: "Each face in the street is a slice of bread / wandering on / searching / somewhere in the light the true hunger / appears to be passing them by / they clutch."