Weird News


January 10, 2017

Subway riders around the world got an eyeful when their fellow transit users stripped down to their underwear on Sunday for the annual No-Pants Subway Ride.

The event, organised by the Improv Everywhere comedy collective, started in 2002 in New York with seven participants.

"We want to give New Yorkers a reason to look up from their papers, from their phones, and experience something that's a little different than their average run-of-the-mill stuff," said Jesse Good, one of the event's organisers.

Pants-less subway rides were scheduled to take place this year in dozens of cities around the world, including in Boston; Berlin; Prague; and Warsaw, Poland, organisers said. Philadelphia's version was sponsored by a laundry-delivery service, which asked participants to show up with extra pants or other clothing to donate to charity.

Participants are told to get on trains and act as they normally would and are given an assigned point to take off their pants. They're asked to keep a straight face and respond matter-of-factly to anyone who asks them if they're cold.

Police say a Pennsylvania woman drove into a river to avoid arrest, then ignored officers and continued drinking beer as she floated in the vehicle.

The York Daily Record reported that police approached the woman near a boat launch Monday to arrest her for fleeing from them earlier. She was wanted for running a stop sign.

They say she hit the gas and barrelled into the Susquehanna River.

They say officers tried to communicate with her, but she just ignored them and drank her beer.

A fire department boat brought the woman back to shore.

The woman was taken to York Hospital and police continue to investigate. Her name hasn't been released.

Moo-ve over: One Michigan city has officially claimed another's ice cream world record.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports that Moo-ville Creamery in Nashville has been recognised by Guinness World Records for staging the longest ice cream sundae in September.

Three months earlier, the massive dessert in the Lake Michigan town of Ludington, organised by the House of Flavours, measured roughly 2,970 feet long and fed thousands of people along eight blocks. Nashville, more than 100 miles to the southeast, broke that record by making a dessert that spanned 3,656 feet.

Moo-ville manager Tina Westendorp says she and others travelled to Ludington to see how it was done. Nashville's main thoroughfare wasn't long enough so organisers had to create two dessert tracks next to each other.

State police say a dispute between neighbours over snow removal ended with a western New York man shooting out the tyres of his neighbour's vehicle while the neighbour was sitting in it.

Troopers say they responded late Wednesday night to a report of a neighbour dispute in the Cattaraugus County town of Machias, 35 miles southeast of Buffalo.

Police say they learnt a 55-year-old man got into a verbal and physical confrontation with a neighbour over snow blowing. Troopers say during the argument, the man got a shotgun and shot out the tyres of his neighbour's vehicle. The neighbour wasn't injured by the gunfire.

Charges against the shotgun-wielding neighbour include reckless endangerment, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. The man is being held in the county jail on $10,000 cash bail.