Business slow for flag vendor this Road March

April 08, 2018
Gladstone Taylor photo Elaine Johnson

Visitors are flying flags high while on the Road March route to show national pride for their native countries.

Downtown vendor, Elaine Johnson told The STAR, “Knowing the need always deh deh fi hats and flags, that is what I brought with me on the road to sell di people.”

However, the sales are slower than she expected.

“Mi nuh know why nuh body not buying; last year was better,” she said.

Xodus patrons from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and of course Jamaica were well represented.

Johnson says those flags are usually the main sellers so she had more of those on her trolley. The flags were being sold for a J$150.   

The flag vendor’s plan is to walk the entire route because it is likely people will lose their flags or get them dirty and need another along the way.

As for protection from the sun, most of the spectators came with their hats, prepared for the 85-degree Fahrenheit temperature and the humid Sunday air.