Kim Nain loses her way

April 08, 2018
Kim Nain

Recording artiste Kim Nain was caught in the middle of the Xodus road march in her Bacchanal Jamaica Solstice costume.


When The STAR asked how she ended up with the band she said, “I have no clue how I got lost.”

The 'Music and Me' singer says she dispatched her vehicle at one of the points for the Bacchanal route thinking she was on time.

“I went where the music took me; and it led me to marching alone,” said Kim Nain.

Her battery was at 10 per cent charge when The STAR spotted her on Lady Musgrave Road.

Like other many of the revellers on the road, data connections seems to be a common issue and Nain was having trouble getting in touch with her team.

She now has to find her way since the marching has paused for Xodus band to have lunch.

A few persons offered the singer directions.