New Year drama


January 05, 2017

Woooooiiiiiieeeeee!!! Rock an come een a di 2017! Waa gwaan TamFam? How di 2017 a treat unu soh far??

Well, bless up all Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova large up unu self wid a propa New Year's blessings. Straight!

Suh dis woman up ya a Obama Lan agree wid har husband say she a goh New Year's service a church wid har mada an har family.

She invite har husband fi come, but him seh him neva waan goh an dat him prefer fi stay home an ring in di New Year by himself a watch TV.

Suh she put on har good-good church clothes an lef.

Wa did really a gwaan tho is dat di woman done line up har ting fi she an har bunnaman goh sort out an den goh New Year's paaty.

Wen she did invite har husband fi goh church dat was jus psyches fi solid up di lie seh she really a guh church - caa she know him neva did a guh seh yes anyway.


Wen she reach di bunnaman she jus fling off di church clothes an dash out har juju an a do di tings dem wid missa man.

Wen dem done she an him goh shower, an dem shot anneda roun inna di bathroom. Dem done shower an put on hot party clothes an touch di road.

She put on clothes weh she did hide fram har husband wen she did a leave.

Suh now, wen dem deh a di paaty she goh bathroom an decide fi also check har phone messages.

Same time she see a bag a messages - only fi find out seh har husband get a slight heart attack an did deh a hospital inna emergency room - an dats why dem been a try reach har.

She panic, an tell di bunnaman seh she have a great emergency an haffi immediately leave di party. An jus like dat she cut an move straight to di hospital.

People yuh nuh know say she figat say she inna di party clothes? As soon as she reach di hospital a di fuss ting fly outa har husband mout a ask har a wa kinda clothes dat she have on?

An weh she did deh? Di whole ting mussi did overwhelm har dat she jus buss out a cow bawling an a seh she will neva cheat pon him again! Drama!!

Supposedly she an huzzy talk it ova an dem good again.

But it look like it did jus overwhelm har seh she coulda de deh a spread out pon di bunnaman strength wen har husband coulda need har help fi nuh dead. It rock har wicked.


Anyways, a cutmentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at An unu have a fantabulocious 2017!! Bless up.


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